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The data subject can register and indicate personal data on the controller's website. Which personal data is transferred to the website is determined by the corresponding input mask used for registration. The personal data input by the data subject is only collected and stored for internal use of the website and for its own purposes. A website may request transmission to one or more processors or sub processors who also use personal data for internal purposes attributable to the website.
By registering on the controller's website, the IP address allocated by the Internet service provider (OKSCC resource community) and used by the data subject, as well as the date and time of registration will also be stored. The storage of these data is carried out in the background, which is the only way to prevent the abuse of our services. When necessary, we can investigate the abuse of our systems and services. So far, storing this data is necessary to protect the controller. Unless there is a legal obligation to transmit data, or the purpose of transmission is criminal proceedings, such data will not be transmitted to a third party.
The registration of data subjects and voluntary instructions on personal data are intended to enable the controller to provide content or services of data subjects that can only be provided to registered users due to the nature of relevant matters.
The data controller shall provide each data subject with information about the storage of personal data related to the data subject at any time upon request. In addition, the data controller shall correct or delete the personal data according to the requirements or instructions of the data subject, provided that there is no statutory storage obligation. In this regard, all employees of the controller can be provided to the data subject as contacts.
Use this site specification

  • It is prohibited to publish any content or speech that violates the laws and regulations of relevant countries and regions.
  • It is prohibited to publish and discuss the contents related to politics/beliefs/religions and sexual violence in countries and regions.
  • It is prohibited to publicize Internet violence and other content that violates social ethics.
  • It is prohibited to publish other contents expressly prohibited by relevant countries and regions


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